President the Navy League message

The Navy League was founded to provide a platform for retired officers of the Pakistan Navy, to come together and foster a sense of camaraderie after leaving active service. Since its inception in 2001, it has expanded with over six hundred and fifty members and has evolved into a thriving, non-commercial, and non-political organization.

In addition to promoting regular social interaction, The Navy League has actively been involved in philanthropic activities. Retired officers and their spouses, utilize their skills and experience to support various initiatives aimed at promoting the welfare of the community, particularly in the areas of education, healthcare, and disaster relief. These activities not only benefit those in need but also allow retied officers continue to make meaningful contributions to society and utilize their skills long after leaving active service.

Through the establishment of the Lahore and Islamabad Chapter, The Navy League has taken a significant step forward in its mission to preserve old ties and expand its national platform for interaction between serving and retired officers of the Pakistan Navy. In Addition, we are working to extend our reach via virtual interaction, to retired officers living abroad in an effort to enable them to benefit from the camaraderie and support that The Navy League provides.

The Navy League has been fortunate to received generous support from Pakistan Navy, theOfficer of the Chief of the Naval Staff since its inception, with successive Chiefs of Naval Staff serving as Patron in chief. We are grateful for their patronage and extend our appreciation.

This spirit of generosity is reflected not only in various commands of the Pakistan Navy but also among affiliate organizations that regularly extend goodwill to their retired colleagues.

We are proud to be a part of this great institution and our unwavering commitment to its values drives us to continue serving our members with dedication and compassion.

Cdre ( R ) Tajuddin Najmi SI(M)