The Navy League, a non-political, non-commercial organization

Eligibility, Procedure, and Class of members.
1. Eligibility:

The membership of the association shall be open to all retired Commissioned officers who have been on the roll of the Pakistan Navy as an officer. Spouses of deceased naval officers are also eligible for membership. Commissioned Officers from the Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force who have at any time served in the Pakistan Navy in naval uniform are eligible for associate membership. Officers dismissed or removed from the Service, blacklisted by Service Headquarters, convicted by a court of- law and offences involving moral turpitude are not eligible for membership.

2. Procedure for Membership:
Any person eligible under Article (a) above, may apply for membership on the prescribed form to be obtained from the registered office of the Association. The Secretary shall issue a membership number, which shall however be subject to confirmation by the Managing Committee.

3. Class of Members:
a. Permanent Members: Permanent Members shall pay a registration fee of Rs.500/- at the time of obtaining membership and a subscription @ of Rs.200/- per month, paid six months in advance w.e.f. 1st January 2012. The Managing Committee may revise these rates from time to time after approval by the AGM.
b. Widows of Naval Officers on applying for membership are only obliged to pay the registration fee. They are exempted from monthly subscriptions
c. Associate Members: Associate members will enjoy all facilities except that they will not be eligible to vote or hold any office in the Navy League.
d. Absentee Membership: All members on the roll of The Navy League, if absent with prior intimation will be called absentee members during the year.
e. Visiting membership: All retired Naval Officers eligible for membership of The Navy League and residing abroad are permitted to attend functions/events organized by the League on payment of the subscribed charges for the event.
4. Resignation:
A member may resign in writing at any time. However, he will be obliged to clear all his pending dues.
5. Duties of Members:
a. Every member shall abide by the constitution and by-laws of the Association.
b. All members shall endeavour and act to promote the interests of the Association.
c. Members shall have no right whatsoever on the income, subscription, donations, gifts, property and assets of any kind whether moveable or immovable belonging to the Association.
6. Change in Membership Status:
a. Membership of a member, who fails to pay his subscription throughout the current year, shall be deemed to be suspended. A suspended member will be ineligible to participate in any activity of The Navy League.
b. A member whose membership is suspended in term of (clause 6a) can apply to revive his membership after paying his subscription fee for the defaulting year.
c. A member absent from The Navy League, for going out of the station or any other reason, may apply for absentee membership. When the Managing Committee approves absentee membership, the affected member shall pay 25% of the subscription fee, for the period of suspension, within one month.
d. Membership of a member shall be deemed terminated if a simple majority of members present at the AGM approve the resolution.
e. An office bearer who fails to attend three consecutive meetings shall cease to be a member of the Managing Committee. However, a member who applies for leave from meeting for any reason justifying his absences, his case will be placed before the Managing Committee for decision.