A non-political, non-commercial organization of retired Naval Officers

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  • Brief on Good Deeds Activities - NAVY LEAGUE
Introduction / Background
1. The Navy League is a non-political, non-commercial organization established in 2001 as a forum for the interaction of retired Naval officers. Its purpose is to revive old contacts and associations amongst the community of former Naval Officers and promote their welfare. It also supports and strengthens the country's overall maritime interests, including its values and traditions. Besides these activities, it also participates in social and educational activities for bringing about betterment. The League is registered under the Societies Act XXI of 1860 and has recently been granted a waiver of tax by the authorities.

2. The Navy League as part of the ‘Good Deeds Activities’ as per the Charter of Memorandum of Association (MOA) is looking after Ghulam Nabi Secondary School since 2003. At the time of the adoption of the school, the overall strength of students was about 200 which now stands at 700, with a large number of children on a waiting list, the infrastructure of buildings in extremely dilapidated condition and acute shortage of teachers. The school is located on Baba Islands, a poor fisherman village having a population of about 16,000 inhabitants. Although the education facility had extensively existed for a long, due to the non-provision of resources, the school had deteriorated with the passage of time.
3. The school have been adopted by the Navy League under the aegis of the Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) with the following laid down objectives:
a. To improve basic infrastructure and to provide a conducive educational environment. This includes improvement in the physical condition of the school and providing resources channelled to improve the
overall learning environment
b. Gradually ensure academic excellence with innovative teaching styles through the training of teachers.
c. Support staff capacity building to enhance the learning environment.
d. Finally, monitor and supervise need assessments for smooth functioning and efficient running of the public facility.
Activities Undertaken
4. The following activities have been undertaken by the League to meet the above objective
a. The Memorandum of Association stipulates the aims and objectives of the Navy League, which receives and administers funds for educational, cultural and charitable purposes. In this regard as part of ‘Good Deed Acts’, the League has adopted a school located at Baba Island.
b. Since 2003 the Navy League is administering the school under the aegis of the Sindh Education Foundation (SEF), through the “Adopt a School” Policy. At the time of taking over the school, the maintenance standards had deteriorated to a large extent. Provision of clean water, lights, fans and general amenities was non-existent. The strength of the students stood at 200. At present, the school proudly boast of a total strength of 650 students. Due to the non-availability of classrooms, a large population of the Island is still waiting on the sidelines and eagerly looking forward to their basic education rights. Eight rooms have since been added along with the provision of fans/lighting etc
c. The teaching staff has been inducted from the literate society existing on the Island, after subsequent training through Sindh Education Foundation, Bahria University and are performing admirably.
5. The under-mentioned support is being rendered by the League
a. Sixteen Teachers have been appointed for Baba Island School by the Navy League, Salary is funded through the Navy League ‘Good Deeds Account’
b. The Navy League has been instrumental in bringing about a qualitative change in the education being imparted at the school through following
i. Teachers Basic Training from Sindh Education Foundation
ii. Teachers workshops at the Bahria University
iii. Teachers Basic Computer Training Course by Bahria University.
iv. Workshop on Teaching Techniques at Teachers Resource Center
v. English Language Course at PNS Bahadur Language Laboratory
vi. P.T.C and C.T Courses are in progress
c. The League besides the above has provided items of general amenity i-e: Stationery and Training Aids, Dual Desks, Black Board, School Bags for Students, Water Cooler, Steel Almirah, Teacher's Tables & Chairs and Sofa Sets & Chairs for office
d. Holding of Eye Camp under the aegis of LRBT on 10 August 2004. General statistics of persons availing of this facility are as under
i. Total Patients attended: 125.
ii. Patients referred for Operations: 15.
iii. Patients are given glass number: 60.
iv. Other remaining patients were given free medicine & referred.
e. Second Eye Camp at Baba Island with the help of LRBT on 25 July 2006 and Third in 2008.
i. Total Patients attended: 334.
ii. Patients referred for Operations: 26.
iii. Patients are given glass numbers: 67.
iv. Other remaining patients give free medicine & referred.
6. General improvement /maintenance activities at the school are as under.
Renewal of flooring in School Hall.
Renewal of flooring of the School ground.
Construction of eight new Classrooms in the School.
Construction of Two new Washrooms.
Three old Washrooms were renovated.
Fresh water line constructed for washrooms and electric water coolers provided.
Renewal of Roof flooring Classrooms and Hall.
White Wash of School annually.
Setting up of Computer Lab.
Future Plans - Good Deeds Activities
The following activities have been planned for the future.
a. Reconstruction of the main Hall and six new Classrooms.
b. Flooring with Tiles in all Classrooms is in the planning stage this is to offset the adverse weather conditions prevalent on the Island, therefore requiring a substantial expenditure.
c. Provision of student desks.
d. Provision of a playground.
e. Provision of sports equipment.