A visit to Baba Iceland was arranged for respected members with their families to see Ghulam Nabi Secondary School to appreciate the good deeds of the Pakistan Navy League. During the visit, members and their families have witnessed firsthand the contributions of the Pakistan Navy League in promoting and fostering goodwill between the Navy and the public.

The Navy League as part of the ‘Good Deeds Activities’ is looking after Ghulam Nabi Secondary School since 2003. At the time of the adoption of the school, the overall strength of students was about 200 which now stands at 700, with a large number of children on a waiting list, the infrastructure of buildings was in extremely dilapidated condition and there was an acute shortage of teachers before taking over by Navy league.. The school is located on Baba Islands, a poor fisherman village having a population of about 16,000 inhabitants. Although the education facility had extensively existed for a long, due to the non-provision of resources, the school had deteriorated with the passage of time. Members were delighted to meet the students and teachers.

  • Date: 28.01.2023 11:22
  • Location Baba Iceland Karachi (Map)