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The Pakistan Navy League has taken up the noble cause of empowering communities such as Baba Island through education and opportunity. Leading this transformative endeavor is their latest initiative, a collaborative partnership with Bahria University Health Sciences Campus Karachi, aimed at launching a specialized Basic Nursing Course specifically designed for the young women of Baba Island. In the following article, we embark on an exploration of the inspiring narrative behind the Pakistan Navy League's nursing initiative. This initiative not only empowers Baba Island but also serves as a catalyst for transforming lives and nurturing a brighter future for all its inhabitants.

  • Date:27.03.2024 14:16
  • Location Bahria University Health Sciences Campus Karachi (Map)


Empowering Baba Island: Pakistan Navy League's Nursing Initiative

Baba Island, surrounded by the waters of Karachi harbour, hasn't always had many chances for its people to learn and grow. But thanks to the Pakistan Navy League, things are changing. This group, made up of retired Naval Officers, is dedicated to helping communities like Baba Island thrive through education. Recently, they teamed up with Bahria University Health Sciences Campus Karachi to offer a special Basic Nursing Course. This course was designed especially for the girls of Baba Island. It was all about teaching them how to be nurses so they can help take care of people in their community. Vice Admiral Ather Mukhtar HI(M) played a big role in making this course happen, and the community is thankful for his efforts.

For six weeks, 32 young women from Baba Island got to learn all about nursing. With the help of experienced teachers and healthcare professionals, they studied how the human body works, learned how to communicate well with patients and their families, and practiced important nursing skills. They even got to try things like checking vital signs, giving medicine, and caring for wounds.

At the end of the course on 27th March 2024, there was a special ceremony at Bahria University Health Sciences Campus auditorium to celebrate their achievements. The President of the Navy League was the guest of honor. Proud mothers of the participants, Navy League members, and respected university staff all came together to congratulate the students. Each one received a certificate, marking the start of an exciting new chapter in their lives.

But this course was about more than just getting a piece of paper. It was about giving these girls the knowledge and skills they need to make a real difference in their community. The nursing skills they learned will not only help them in their careers but also benefit everyone on Baba Island.

This project goes beyond just school stuff. It's like a light in the dark, showing a better way for Baba Island and everyone around. It happened because some really good people like Vice Admiral Ather Mukhtar, Commodore Tajuddin Najmi, Vice Admiral Mushtaq Ahmed, and Captain Ashfaq Agha, along with the Pakistan Navy League, worked hard to make it real.

We're really thankful for their efforts. Let's keep moving forward together, making tomorrow better for everyone.