THE NAVY LEAGUE Overseas - Azerbaijan & Uzbekistan

The heritage tour offered a captivating experience, blending the past and future through impressive architectural landmarks. Samarkand, transformed by Emir Taimur, showcased the rich Muslim history with its mosques, madrasas, and mausoleums. This city became a symbol of the Muslim pursuit of knowledge, as seen in the contributions of figures like Imam al-Bukhari, the Naqshbandiyah Sufi order, and al-Beruni. The tour's highlight was the awe-inspiring Registan, featuring monumental bluish monoliths and intricate geometric patterns representing the power of nature. Standing in awe of these architectural marvels was a lifelong experience, witnessing their splendor and magnificence.

  • Date:19.09.2019 21:48 - 27.09.2019 21:48
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