Attended By Members

The members at the Navy League’s STAG lunch event had a great time eating delicious food, sharing stories, and talking about the Navy. Everyone had lots of fun and felt inspired afterwards.

  • Date:01.02.2023 14:00
  • Location PNS Karsaz (Map)
  • More Info:Karsaz


The Navy League organized a STAG lunch event, which was attended by its members. The event was held in the beautiful ward room of PNS Karsaz. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and camaraderie, as members mingled and chatted with one another. The luncheon was not just an opportunity for the members to come together and socialize, but also to exchange ideas and network.

The members enjoyed a delicious meal, featuring a variety of dishes and felt nostalgia Naval touch. During the lunch, members engaged in lively conversations, sharing stories about their experiences with the Navy and discussing the current state of affairs in the Navy. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and pride, as members recounted their contributions to the League and the Navy

This Luncheon provided a great opportunity for members to connect with one another and learn about the latest developments in the Navy overall, the lunch event organized by the Navy League was a resounding success, and it provided an excellent opportunity for members to come together and celebrate their shared passion for the Navy. It was a fun and informative event, and everyone left feeling inspired and motivated to continue supporting such events.

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