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The Pakistan Navy League recently convened its 21st Annual General Body Meeting, a testament to its enduring commitment to service and community engagement. Held at the Sailing Club on February 9th, 2024, the meeting brought together approximately 90 dedicated members to reflect on past achievements, acknowledge progress, and chart a course for the future. Here, we delve into the key highlights of this spirited gathering, where camaraderie, dedication, and a shared vision for positive change were palpable.

  • Date:09.02.2024 20:05
  • Location Sailing club clifton


Strengthening Community and Commitment: The Pakistan Navy League's Annual Gathering

The Pakistan Navy League held its 21st Annual General Body Meeting in a spirit of camaraderie and dedication to service on the 9th of February 2024 at the Sailing Club. Chaired by the President of the Navy League, the meeting saw a healthy attendance of approximately 90 members, a testament to the growing engagement and commitment of its members.

The meeting opened with the recitation of the Holy Quran, setting a solemn and reflective tone for the proceedings. The Vice President efficiently noted that the minutes of the previous meeting were shared through modern communication means and were unanimously ratified without objections, indicating the members' satisfaction with the League's direction.

A Warm Welcome by the President and Acknowledgment of Progress.

The President of the Pakistan Navy League warmly welcomed the attendees, proudly announcing the growth of the membership to 656 individuals. He shone a spotlight on the significant initiatives across the Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore chapters and acknowledged Vice Admiral Abdul Aleem pivotal role in revitalizing the Islamabad Chapter.

The commendable work of the Baba Island School and Industrial Home Project was a focal point, with Captain Ashfaq Agha and Rear Admiral Mushtaq Ahmed receiving special recognition and were commended for their unwavering dedication to this initiative, demonstrating the League's ethos of active participation and oversight. The President's proposal to establish an endowment fund showcased a forward-looking approach to sustaining the league's charitable activities.

The challenge of limited new member additions was met with a call to action for current members to extend invitations to potential members, thus ensuring the league's continued growth and vitality.

Honouring the Departed members and Embracing Future Endeavours

The Vice President’s report poignantly began with a tribute to eight members who passed away in the last year and a prayer was recited for the departed members. The report highlighted a year filled with activities and a positive response from the members. It was a moment for the League to reflect on its accomplishments and to set the stage for the year ahead, with the event plan for 2024 unveiled.

Empowering Communities: Good Deeds at Baba Island

Captain Ashfaq Agha's briefing on Good Deeds at Baba Island was an inspiring account of the League's dedication to community service. From distributing school uniforms to empowering women through computer training and vocational instruction, the initiatives spoke volumes about the League's impact. The establishment of a vocational training centre and support for educational and professional development exemplified the League's commitment to fostering sustainable change in the community.

A Financial Report Indicating Health and Growth

The financial report underscored the Navy League's robust financial health, with a detailed comparison of the past and current year's financials. The efforts to transition the good deeds account into an endowment fund to support ongoing school operations and welfare activities were particularly noteworthy, reflecting strategic financial stewardship.

Governance and Stewardship

In the spirit of continuity and governance, the election of office bearers was conducted with Commodore Tajuldin Najmi to continue as President for next term and Lt. Commander Irfan Siddiqui assuming the Treasurer. Their unopposed as selection signifies the trust and confidence placed in them by the members.

Conclusion and Continued Engagement

The meeting concluded on a high note, with the Vice President's invitation for members to contribute to the discussion, and a vote of thanks that underscored the members' commitment to the League's mission.

As the Pakistan Navy League moves forward, it carries with it the collective strength of its membership and a shared vision for service and community betterment. The Annual General Body Meeting was not just a gathering but a reaffirmation of the League's resolve to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve.

After the presentations, a sumptuous dinner was served, followed by a musical program. The event was a great success, and everyone enjoyed the evening. The Navy League looks forward to the upcoming year and continuing to make a positive impact on the lives of students and staff of the Baba Island School and its members.