In a touching ceremony held at the Pakistan Navy League office, Vice Admiral Khalid Mir's 84th birthday was joyously celebrated on April 17, 2024. This cherished event beautifully captured the timeless values of camaraderie and respect that define the essence of the Pakistan Navy League. Beyond simply honoring Vice Admiral Mir's outstanding service to the naval community, this tradition served as a powerful reminder of the unbreakable bond and shared sense of purpose that unites all members of the Navy Leag

  • Date: 17.04.2024 14:34
  • Location Pakistan Navy League Office Karachi (Map)


Celebrating Vice Admiral Khalid Mir's 84th Birthday: A Tradition of Honor and Unity

In a heartfelt gathering at its office, the Navy League celebrated Vice Admiral Khalid Mir's 84th birthday on April 17, 2024, in a tradition embodying the cherished principles of camaraderie and respect in Pakistan Navy League. The event echoed with genuine appreciation for Vice Admiral Mir's esteemed contributions to the naval community, highlighting his revered status as an icon within naval circles.

The celebration started with the President of the Navy League presenting Vice Admiral Mir with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a symbol of gratitude as a senior member of Navy League. Then, Vice Admiral Mir cut the birthday cake, marking the joyous occasion with everyone present.

Vice Admiral Mir took a moment to thank the Navy League for keeping retired naval members connected and for their ongoing support. He praised the organization for its efforts in bringing the naval community together and making a positive impact.

The atmosphere was filled with happiness and camaraderie as everyone came together to honor Vice Admiral Mir and celebrate his birthday. It was a reminder of the strong bonds within the naval community and the importance of coming together to recognize and appreciate each other.

As we celebrated Vice Admiral Khalid Mir's 84th birthday, we also celebrated the unity and spirit of the naval community. The Navy League remains committed to honoring the contributions of all naval members and keeping their legacy alive for years to come.