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The Pakistan Navy League orchestrated a memorable day-out at Dreamworld Water Park & Resort in Karachi for its members and their families. Beginning at Duck Park, two buses transported attendees to the resort. Throughout the day, families enjoyed various attractions like the wave pool, water slides, and artificial sea. The event culminated in a delightful Pakistani buffet lunch, leaving everyone with cherished memories of a day filled with laughter, bonding, and fun.

  • Date: 20.08.2023 09:00
  • Location Dream World Family Resort Hotel And Golf Club Taiser Town, Karachi, Pakistan (Map)


On 20 August 2023, the Pakistan Navy League organized a delightful outing for its members and their families at Dreamworld Water Park & Resort in Karachi. The day was marked with excitement, laughter, and joy as the families embarked on a memorable journey of fun and relaxation.

The morning started with a meet-up at Duck Park, Navy Housing Scheme at 9:00 AM. Two spacious buses were ready to carry the members and their families to the resort. They also made a stop at PNS Karsaz to pick up some members. By 10:30 AM, everyone had arrived at the sprawling resort, located conveniently in Gulshan-e-Maymar, accessible via the M-9 Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway.

Upon arrival, there were security checks at the entrance, which demonstrated Dreamworld's commitment to the safety of its visitors. After the checks, attendees were warmly welcomed with refreshing tea and snacks, setting the stage for an enjoyable day ahead.

Dreamworld Water Park & Resort, spread across a massive 100 acres, has something for everyone, making it the perfect choice for a family outing. The resort boasts a variety of water slides, swimming pools, an artificial sea, a boating lake, and other fun activities.

As soon as the families entered the water park area, it was clear that the most popular attraction was the wave pool. Families splashed around in the large pool as they waited for the waves to start. As the waves began, kids and parents alike were jumping and playing, riding the waves as if they were at a real beach. The joy and excitement of the children were contagious, with parents joining in, lifting their children up and down with the waves, and engaging in playful water fights.

The water slides were another crowd favorite. There were water slides for all ages, from the gentle to the thrilling. Some of the most well-liked slides included the Aqua Twister, the Kamikaze, and the Black Hole. The sounds of excited laughter and joyful screams filled the air as children, and even adults, plunged down the slides into the cool water below. The refreshing water provided relief from the blazing sun and brought smiles to everyone's faces.

The lazy river was the perfect spot for those who wanted a more relaxed experience. Families floated together in inflatable tubes, enjoying the gentle current and cool water. Parents held their children's hands as they meandered through the winding river, chatting and laughing.

The artificial sea was a unique feature of Dreamworld. Families swam and relaxed in the large pool, experiencing the ocean-like waves without the hassle of sand. Some parents were teaching their kids to swim, while others were floating around, enjoying the pleasant sensation of the waves.

Lunchtime came, and everyone gathered in the banquet hall at 2:30 PM as per schedule promulgated by the Navy League Secretary for a delicious buffet of Pakistani dishes. The variety of mouth-watering flavors satisfied everyone's taste buds. While enjoying their meals, families shared their experiences from the day, talking about their favorite slides and activities.

The picnic organized by the Pakistan Navy League was more than just a day out. It was an opportunity for members and their families to take a break from their daily lives, bond with each other, and create lasting memories. The laughter and joy shared by the families were proof of the event's success.

As per schedule, 4:30 PM was the time to close the day, attendees gathered their belongings with content hearts and embarked on buses to return back. The excitement of the day, the thrill of the water slides, the joy of splashing in the pools, and the serene moments at the other facilities contributed to a day well spent. There was a unanimous agreement among the members and their families – the picnic at Dreamworld Water Park and Resort arranged by Navy League was a day filled with fun, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

The unforgettable day at Dreamworld Water Park & Resort allowed families to enjoy each other's company, strengthening their bonds and creating lasting memories. At about 05:30 the families made their way back home, they carried with them the joy and excitement of a day well spent, along with unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.